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Jury of Fellows of RCI, Inc.

The designation of "Fellow" is an honorary title bestowed upon individuals who have demonstrated meritorious service. RCI, Inc., strengthened by its officers and volunteers, has recognized certain persons in this manner (see Article 17 of RCI's Bylaws).

Jury of Fellows Chair

Warren R. French, PE, RRC, RWC, FRCI
French Engineering, Inc.
4201 Cypress Creek Pkwy Ste 300
Houston, TX 77068
Phone: 281-440-8284
E-mail: warren.french@frenchengineering.com


Recipients of the "Fellow" designation (FRCI) to date are the following:

  • Samir Ibrahim
  • Brian R. Craig
  • Jean-Guy Levaque
  • Sidney I. Hankins
  • Brian Gardiner
  • Edward L. Arnold
  • Thomas M. Gernetzke
  • Dennis J. McNeil
  • Arthur "Chip" P. Ward
  • Raymond C. Wetherholt
  • Richard L. Cook Jr.
  • Kamran Farahmandpour
  • Robert Elsdon
  • William Rubel
  • David R. Hawn
  • Patrick L. Downey
  • Gary R. Cattel
  • Thomas Hutchinson
  • Helene Hardy Pierce
  • Luther C. Mock
  • W. Nelson Hall
  • Michael DeFrancesco
  • Albert Duwyn
  • Warren R. French
  • George Criel
  • Colin Murphy
  • James "J.P." Sheahan
  • Matt Hitlin
  • William Cypher
  • Michael Blanchette
  • Robb Smith
  • Phil Dregger
  • Dave H. Siple
  • Arthur O. Sark
  • John L. Willers
  • Lyle Hogan
  • Sam Huff
  • Robert Martin
  • Barry S. Krum
  • Joe F. Hale
  • Donald E. Bush Sr.
  • James E. Magowan
  • Richard M. Horowitz
  • George F. Kanz
  • D.B. "Ben" Hales
  • Robert Phillips Jr.
  • Richard P. Canon
  • Dr. Herbert W. Busching
  • Robert W. Lyons
  • William C. Correll


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